Volkswagen Plans to Electrify Pope Francis and Vatican Fleet for Global Benefit

  • Pope Francis and Volkswagen Partnership:
    Pope Francis partners with Volkswagen, committing to a fully electric fleet by 2030, emphasizing the Vatican’s transition away from “dirty energy.”
  • Celebrity Environmental Initiatives:
    Many celebrities, like Jason Momoa and Leonardo DiCaprio, actively engage in environmental causes, demonstrating a commitment beyond mere advocacy.
  • Mananalu’s Plastic Fight:
    Jason Momoa’s founding of Mananalu showcases his dedication to combating single-use plastic, contributing to the global effort for a sustainable future.
  • Re:wild Movement by DiCaprio:
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Re:wild movement aims to educate and restore the Earth, exemplifying his proactive approach toward environmental conservation.
  • Global Call to Action by Pope:
    Pope Francis urges affirmative action on global heating, comparing emission levels and advocating for a collective response to the environmental challenge.
  • Influence of Individual Change:
    The Volkswagen deal with the Vatican highlights the potential impact of influential individuals in setting a global standard for sustainable practices.
Volkswagen to electrify transportation for Pope Francis and the Vatican fleet: ‘It is for the world community’
(Image: Volkswagen)

Over the years, numerous public figures have drawn attention to the escalating environmental issues in the hope of instigating positive change. Some have actively engaged in meaningful efforts, demonstrating that actions carry more weight than mere words.

Jason Momoa, for instance, took a stand against single-use plastic by establishing Mananalu. Leonardo DiCaprio, through initiatives like Re:wild, endeavors to educate people and contribute to the restoration of the Earth.

Pope Francis Drives Vatican Green Shift

Pope Francis, aligning with this commitment, entered into an agreement with Volkswagen to shift entirely to electric vehicles by 2030. Volkswagen is supplying the Vatican with 40 electric vehicles, with a phased plan to replace all current vehicles with the Volkswagen—a comprehensive lineup of fully electric models.

Throughout his papacy, Francis has consistently emphasized environmental protection, advocating for the transition away from “dirty energy” sources like gas, coal, and oil.

In a 2015 encyclical letter titled “Laudato Si” (Praised Be), the Pope expressed his concern about the planet, stating, “beginning to look more and more like an immense pile of filth.” He underscored the need for a collective conversation, asserting, “We need a conversation which includes everyone since the environmental challenge we are undergoing, and its human roots, concern and affect us all.”

In a recent follow-up to his 2015 letter, Pope Francis urged more decisive action on global warming. Specifically, he drew attention to the disparity in emissions between the United States and China, highlighting that Americans emit twice as much, attributing it to “the irresponsible lifestyle connected with the Western model.”

The collaboration with Volkswagen exemplifies the impact of individual initiatives on a broader scale, potentially setting a global precedent.

Dr. Christian Dahlheim, VW’s Chairman of the Board of Management of Financial Services AG, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “We are delighted to support the Vatican in this important project. This is something very special for us.”

Cardinal Michael Czerny, a senior Vatican official, emphasized that the initiative is not exclusive to Catholics, stating, “This… is not just for Catholics or other pious and holy people. It is for the world community.”

On the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Pope Francis conveyed his message, stating, “We must move beyond the mentality of appearing to be concerned about the climate crisis while lacking the courage to effect substantial change. If the measures we could adopt now are costly, the cost will be all the more heavy the longer we wait.”

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