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Effective Date: January 06, 2024

Welcome to Slash Insider‘s RSS Terms of Service. We encourage the innovative use of our content and strive to provide readers with access to our articles in various ways, including through RSS feeds. The following terms outline the guidelines and conditions for using Slash Insider’s RSS feeds. By accessing our RSS feeds, you agree to comply with these terms. If you have any questions or wish to discuss alternative usage, please contact us at

Display of Content

a. Text Display: Users may not display more text than provided in the RSS feed for any article.

b. Formatting: All text from the RSS feed must be displayed as provided; no editing, translation, or reformatting is allowed. Users must retain all links to the original Slash Insider articles, along with any other hyperlinks or notices in the feed.

c. Links and Interstitial Pages: Excerpts must link directly to Slash Insider’s original article, without inserting interstitial, splash, intermediate pages, or additional content or advertising between the RSS feed display and our website.

d. Images: Any displayed photographs or images must be low-resolution and no larger than 60×60 pixels.

e. Attribution: Users must retain the original attribution and by-line provided in the RSS feed and prominently credit Slash Insider for each published RSS excerpt and whole article.

Restrictions on Usage

a. Mobile Devices: RSS feeds may not be displayed on mobile devices for commercial purposes or redistribution. This includes within mobile applications or on mobile websites.

b. Aggregation: Users may not aggregate or use articles and/or excerpts from our RSS feed in a way that could serve as a substitute for Slash Insider’s original content or diminish its value.

c. Advertising: Stripping advertising from the RSS feeds or serving personal advertising within or against the feeds of Slash Insider is strongly and legally prohibited.

d. Monetization: Users may not sell, lease, license, sublicense, redistribute, share, or otherwise monetize Slash Insider’s RSS feeds without obtaining prior permission from Slash Insider.

Branding and Reputation

a. Third-Party Affiliation: Displaying the name, logo, trademark, or identifier of another person or entity in connection with Slash Insider’s RSS feeds to indicate affiliation is not permitted.

b. Brand Protection: Displaying RSS feeds in a way that could reasonably damage the brand or reputation of Slash Insider is prohibited. This includes publishing the RSS feed on websites that infringe upon copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

c. Registration Information: Users must provide complete and accurate registration information to use Slash Insider’s RSS feeds.

d. Removal Upon Request: Users must promptly remove our RSS feeds upon request within 24 hours and may not store or archive any of our feeds.

Liability and Termination

We are not liable for your use of our RSS feeds or any related activity. Slash Insider reserves the right to limit, suspend, or terminate your access to and use of our RSS feeds at any time at our sole discretion. We cannot guarantee the completeness or timeliness of the content published on our website and in RSS feeds. Your use of the information on our website is at your own discretion and risk.

Ownership and Changes

We retain all ownership and other rights in the RSS content, as well as any logos and trademarks used in connection with the RSS feeds. However, logos and trademarks belonging to third-party companies or brands are exclusive property of their respective owners. Any use of these trademarks on our platform is strictly for informational and editorial purposes, and it does not imply endorsement, affiliation, or any kind of relation with Slash Insider.

The content on Slash Insider may contain copyrighted material that has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. For more information read our Disclaimer policy.

By downloading an RSS feed, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by these terms. Slash Insider reserves the right to change any of these terms at its sole discretion, with your continued use constituting acceptance of such changes.

For questions or requests regarding the use of our RSS feeds, including deviations from the outlined requirements, please contact us at Also we encourage you to go through our Terms and Policies for more information regarding the content published on Slash Insider.

Thank you for your cooperation and adherence to Slash Insider’s RSS Terms of Service.

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