Xiaomi Accuses Huawei Executive of Distorting Facts in Ongoing Smartphone Patent Dispute

  • Xiaomi’s Independent Development: Xiaomi asserts its “dragon bone” hinge technology for the foldable phone was independently developed, challenging Huawei’s claim of patent infringement.
  • Huawei Executive’s Allegations: Huawei’s Yu Chengdong accused unnamed rivals, widely believed to include Xiaomi, of not fully respecting patents related to the “dragon bone” technology.
  • Misrepresentation of Facts: Xiaomi accuses Yu Chengdong of seriously misrepresenting facts, urging him to adhere to “basic scientific and rigorous standards” in future criticisms of competitors.
  • Additional Components in Xiaomi’s Patent: Xiaomi claims its patent includes additional components not present in the patent referenced by Yu, and emphasizes that the referenced patent was made public months after Xiaomi’s announcement.
  • Intense Competition in China’s Smartphone Market: The dispute unfolds amid heightened competition between Xiaomi and Huawei in China’s smartphone market, particularly in the high-end segment.
  • History of Disputes: This isn’t the first clash between Xiaomi and Huawei; in 2018, they engaged in a public dispute over smartphone camera specifications, exchanging criticisms.
Xiaomi Accuses Huawei Executive of Distorting Facts in Ongoing Smartphone Patent Dispute (Image: The Beijinger)
Xiaomi Accuses Huawei Executive of Distorting Facts in Ongoing Smartphone Patent Dispute (Image: The Beijinger)

In a recent development, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has accused a senior executive from rival company Huawei of distorting facts regarding patent issues. Huawei’s Yu Chengdong, responsible for overseeing consumer products and auto businesses, raised concerns about patent infringement during a company event last week, specifically mentioning “dragon bone” technology.

While not explicitly naming Xiaomi, Yu’s comments were widely interpreted as targeting the company, as Xiaomi had previously highlighted its “dragon bone” hinge technology during the launch of its latest foldable phone, the Xiaomi MIX Fold 3.

Xiaomi swiftly responded, asserting that its hinge technology was independently developed and calling out Yu Chengdong for misrepresenting facts. In a statement, Xiaomi urged Yu to adhere to “basic scientific and rigorous standards” and cease unfair criticism of competitors or misleading the public in the future.

Xiaomi Challenges Huawei in Patent Clash Amidst Intense Competition

Furthermore, Xiaomi pointed out that its patent includes additional components compared to the one referenced by Yu. Importantly, the patent Yu mentioned only became public in June 2021, months after Xiaomi had already disclosed information about its “dragon bone” technology.

As of now, Huawei, China’s sixth-largest smartphone maker, has not provided a response to the allegations made by Xiaomi. This clash occurs in the context of heightened competition within China’s smartphone market, with both companies intensifying efforts in the high-end segment.

This is not the first time that Xiaomi and Huawei have found themselves in a public dispute. Back in 2018, the two companies engaged in a heated exchange over the specifications of their smartphone cameras, with Yu Chengdong of Huawei and Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun exchanging criticisms. The current patent-related spat adds another chapter to the ongoing rivalry between these major players in the Chinese smartphone industry.

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Source(s): The Business Standard

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