Windows 11 to soon have a feature, enabling the users to reinstall Windows without deleting any files or apps

Windows 11 to soon have a feature, enabling the users to reinstall Windows without deleting any files or apps

Microsoft plans to introduce a Windows 11 recovery feature, allowing users to reinstall the OS via Windows Update without losing files. The setting, called “Fix Problems using Windows Update,” is currently being tested in the Windows Canary Channel and is expected to be available for wider use in the near future.

Windows 11 to Get Easier Reinstalls with

Windows 11 to Get Easier Reinstalls with “Fix Problems using Windows Update”

Tired of the complex process of reinstalling Windows and worrying about losing files? Microsoft is here to help with a new feature in the works: Fix Problems using Windows Update. This innovative tool aims to make reinstalling Windows 11 a breeze, while preserving your precious data.

The Problem: Lengthy and Risky Reinstalls

Currently, reinstalling Windows 11 often requires an “in-place upgrade” using the Media Creation Tool. While it keeps your files, settings, and apps, the process can be time-consuming and raise concerns about data loss. This is especially true for less tech-savvy users who may fear accidentally wiping everything.

The Solution: Seamless Recovery Through Windows Update

Enter “Fix Problems using Windows Update,” a revolutionary feature that lets you reinstall Windows 11 directly through the familiar Windows Update interface. No more external tools or complex procedures!

How It Works:

  1. Locate the Toggle: Head to Settings > System > Recovery. Look for the “Fix Problems using Windows Update” toggle.
  2. Start the Process: Click the toggle and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Fresh OS Download: Windows Update will download a fresh copy of the OS, ensuring you get the latest updates and bug fixes.
  4. Data Preservation: Unlike resets, this feature won’t touch your files, settings, or apps. Everything stays exactly where it is.
  5. No Bloatware: Say goodbye to unwanted bloatware! This method downloads only the essential Windows files, leaving out any pre-installed software you didn’t choose.
The new recovery toggle is under Settings > System > Recovery | Image Courtesy:

Benefits of “Fix Problems using Windows Update”:

  • Simple and Convenient: No need for external tools or complicated steps. Just click and go.
  • Data Safety: No more worrying about losing files. Your documents, pictures, and videos remain untouched.
  • Fresh OS: Get the latest Windows 11 updates and bug fixes without a full reinstall.
  • No Bloatware: Keep your system clean and free of unwanted software.

What’s the Difference from Existing Reset Options?

Unlike the “Reset your PC” and Cloud Reset features, “Fix Problems using Windows Update” focuses on repairing your existing Windows installation, not wiping everything clean. It downloads the necessary files directly from Microsoft, ensuring a clean and bloatware-free system.

Availability and Future Plans:

While currently available in the Windows Canary Channel for early testing, “Fix Problems using Windows Update” is expected to arrive for wider audiences as part of the Windows 11 Moment 5 update in February/March 2024.

Microsoft’s “Fix Problems using Windows Update” marks a significant step forward in simplifying Windows recovery. With its ease of use, data safety, and bloatware-free approach, this feature is sure to become a game-changer for Windows users of all levels. No more dreading the reinstall process – simply click and let Windows handle the rest!

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