Quick Reply Feature: WhatsApp Experimenting with Reply Bar for Status Updates

  • HD Status Updates: WhatsApp is set to enhance user experience by introducing HD status updates, improving the visual quality of shared content.
  • Reply Bar for Status Updates: A new reply bar simplifies responding to status updates, providing a more intuitive and accessible user interface.
  • Persistent Horizontal Bar: The update introduces a pill-shaped horizontal bar at the bottom of status updates, persistently displaying the “Reply” option for quick responses.
  • Improved User Interface: The persistent reply bar covers almost the entire width of the screen, making it easier for users to send replies without the need to swipe up or tap on a small button.
  • Beta Testing Underway: WhatsApp has initiated public testing for the new feature, currently available to beta users with specific versions for Android ( and iOS (
  • Official Rollout Expected Soon: Following successful beta testing, the reply bar for status updates is anticipated to be officially released in the coming weeks, enhancing the overall user experience on WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Experimenting with Reply Bar for Status Updates
WhatsApp Experimenting with Reply Bar for Status Updates (Image: Getty Images)

WhatsApp is continually improving its features to make the app better for users. Recently, they added support for HD photos and videos in chats, and now they’re working on enhancing the Status feature, similar to Instagram Stories. The latest update includes a reply bar to make responding to your friends’ status updates easier.

Currently, when you want to reply to a status update on WhatsApp, you have to tap a small “Reply” button at the bottom or swipe up on the screen. The upcoming update makes this process more user-friendly by introducing a persistent reply bar, similar to what you find on Instagram stories.

WhatsApp is reportedly testing Reply Bar Feature

In the new WhatsApp update, a horizontal bar with the word “Reply” will appear at the bottom of status updates. Tapping on it will open the regular message compose box. This bar covers most of the screen width, making it simpler to send a quick reply without swiping up or tapping a tiny button.

The addition of the reply bar won’t change how WhatsApp displays emoji reactions when responding to status updates. Eight emoji reactions will still appear above the compose box, staying visible even as you type your response. The update is currently in public testing, available for beta users with WhatsApp beta version for Android and for iOS. If all goes well, the official release is expected in the coming weeks. Android users interested in trying it early can join WhatsApp’s beta program, but keep in mind that beta versions may have some bugs. Stay tuned for the official rollout of the reply bar for status updates on WhatsApp.

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Source(s): WA Beta Info

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