Meta Platforms and IBM join forces to establish the AI Alliance, a coalition of 50+ AI companies and research institutions, promoting an open model of artificial intelligence.

Embracing Open Innovation


The AI Alliance, including Intel, Oracle, Cornell University, and the National Science Foundation, advocates for open innovation and science in AI, emphasizing collaboration through open source methods.

Diverse Ecosystem in AI


IBM and Meta, collaborators since August, establish the AI Alliance to give recognition to organizations overlooked in AI discussions, fostering diversity in the AI ecosystem.

Tapping into the Growing AI Market


As global spending on generative AI is projected to reach $143 billion by 2027, IBM introduces Watsonx, while Meta promotes Llama 2 AI as an open-source alternative, aiming to capture a share of the expanding market.

Shaping the Future of AI


The AI Alliance addresses the need for diverse AI providers in the post-OpenAI era. IBM's Darío Gil emphasizes a distributed and resilient approach, while AMD and ServiceNow commit to supporting open AI ecosystems. The alliance's focus includes regulation, safety, and open innovation.