Ubisoft Teams Up with Immutable for a Comeback into NFT Gaming

  • Ubisoft partners with Immutable, a blockchain game developer, signaling a return to NFTs.
  • The collaboration aims to integrate NFTs into a new, undisclosed full-fledged video game.
  • Ubisoft and Immutable bring prior experience with digital collectibles to the partnership.
  • The upcoming game will enable players to own in-game elements, providing a unique gaming experience.
  • Ubisoft’s previous attempts with NFTs, including Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, were less successful.
  • The partnership with Immutable is seen as a strategic move to explore the benefits of Web3 and enhance digital ownership in gaming.
Ubisoft Teams Up with Immutable for a Comeback into NFT Gaming
Ubisoft Teams Up with Immutable for a Comeback into NFT Gaming (Image: NFT Plazas)

Video game publisher Ubisoft (NASDAQ: UBSFF) has announced its return to the non-fungible token (NFT) space through a new collaboration with Immutable, a blockchain-based game developer.

As reported by PC Gamer, the partnership between Ubisoft and Immutable will involve the integration of NFTs into a fully developed game. While specific details about the game are currently limited, it is confirmed that players will have the ability to own in-game elements.

Experience of Immutable with Digital Collectibles

Both Ubisoft and Immutable have prior experience with digital collectibles in their games, bringing valuable expertise to this partnership. Immutable has achieved success in blockchain gaming with titles like Guild of Guardians, Shardbound, and Infinite Victory, introducing players to Web3 experiences.

Immutable co-founder James Ferguson expressed enthusiasm about exploring the benefits of Web3 and digital ownership with Ubisoft. He stated, “We plan to bring the full weight of our ecosystem to bear to ensure the partnership’s success.”

In contrast, Ubisoft has faced challenges in integrating NFTs into its recent titles, such as the underwhelming attempt at helmet collectibles in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint. The company also experimented with “Smart Collectibles” in collaboration with Integrated Reality Lab, using the Assassin’s Creed theme.

Rather than simply incorporating NFT elements into games, the collaboration with Immutable aims to create a completely new gaming experience that “will further unlock the potential of Web3.” This partnership is expected to result in the development of a new title from the ground up, featuring in-game ownership of items and potential support for secondary market trading.

Nicolas Pouard, Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab vice president, emphasized the significance of partnering with Immutable, stating, “As the platform of choice for many leaders within the Web3 community, Immutable offers both cutting-edge technology and a unique expertise in seamlessly integrating decentralized technologies into games.”

Regarding Ubisoft’s previous NFT initiatives, the collaboration with Immutable represents a shift away from the company’s in-house digital collectibles initiative, Quartz. Despite the lackluster launch of digital collectibles for Ghost Recon: Breaking Point, Ubisoft asserts that Quartz remains a fundamental infrastructure, and the company continues to collaborate with industry partners to enhance player experiences in this realm.

A representative from Ubisoft clarified, “Ubisoft Quartz remains an underlying infrastructure for us, and we’re continuing to work with partners in the industry to offer the best possible experiences to players interested in these features.”

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