Schneider Electric Stresses Importance of Efficiency and Sustainability in Ongoing Data Center Tech Investments

Key Highlights
  • Africa’s Pivotal Role: Mourad Younes highlights Africa’s potential in global sustainable data centers, urging nations to adopt defined sustainability strategies.
  • CEO Prioritization: 99% of major company CEOs prioritize sustainability, signaling increased investments in Africa, contingent on well-defined national sustainability strategies.
  • Schneider Electric’s Commitment: Schneider Electric aims to provide a tailored sustainability journey for African data centers, leveraging electrification and digitization for global sustainability.
  • Crucial Steps in Design: Full transparency is emphasized in sustainable data center design, enabling informed decisions, enhancing productivity, reducing downtime, and improving customer experiences.
  • Digital Twin Technology: Mourad advocates for digital twin technology, offering insights into asset performance, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency for sustainable data center operations.
  • Comprehensive Transformation Strategy: Schneider Electric adopts a holistic approach, considering electrical, mechanical, and software engineering as part of a complete, integrated system for sustainable data centers.
Schneider Electric Stresses Importance of Efficiency and Sustainability in Ongoing Data Center Tech Investments
Schneider Electric Stresses Importance of Efficiency and Sustainability in Ongoing Data Center Tech Investments

Mourad Younes, the C&SP Segment Leader for the Middle East and Africa at Schneider Electric, delivered a compelling address during the recent AfricaCom conference, held as part of the annual Africa Tech Festival at the CTICC in Cape Town. He underscored the pivotal role that Africa can play in the global efforts to establish sustainable data centers for the future.

Younes emphasized a significant trend: 99% of CEOs from major companies are actively prioritizing sustainability in their business strategies. This development holds promising implications for Africa, as it suggests increased investments from these CEOs in the continent. However, Younes highlighted the importance of African nations having a well-defined sustainability strategy to capitalize on this opportunity, as the absence of such a strategy could pose a challenge in securing these investments.

Schneider Electric’s Commitment in Africa

In light of this, Schneider Electric is committed to elevating its approach to offer a concise sustainability journey tailored for driving data centers in Africa. Younes firmly believes that the integration of electrification and digitization forms a powerful equation for establishing sustainability, not only in Africa but on a global scale.

Moreover, Mourad outlined several crucial steps that should be integral to the blueprint of sustainable data center design. He stressed the necessity of full transparency, enabling organizations to have visibility into each connected product—from shop floor endpoints to the cloud. This transparency provides valuable data that empowers organizations to make informed decisions, enhance productivity, reduce downtime, and ultimately elevate customer experiences.

Mourad Younes, C&SP Segment Leader, MEA at Schneider Electric
Mourad Younes, C&SP Segment Leader, MEA at Schneider Electric

As Africa positions itself as a key player in the realm of sustainable data centers, Mourad Younes and Schneider Electric are dedicated to contributing to this transformative journey by providing innovative solutions and strategies that align with the evolving landscape of global sustainability priorities.

“Digital twin technology also has an invaluable role to play, offering insight into asset performance, predictive maintenance, and operational efficiency all of which enable sustainable datacentre operations. With its ability to simulate, visualise, and predict outcomes, digital twin technology is unlocking new opportunities for innovation and transformation for data centres,” explained Mourad.

When discussing Schneider Electric’s role in creating sustainable data centers in Africa, Mourad described their approach as part of a comprehensive transformation strategy.

“Our expertise spans electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. However, instead of focusing on the individual components, we take a systematic approach to data centres, regarding it as a complete, integrated system.

“As part of our efforts to establish sustainable data centres, we have developed a TradeOff tool for Data Centre Lifecycle Carbon Assessment that enables operators to calculate a data centre’s lifecycle carbon footprint based on various attributes, such as IT capacity, load ratio, equipment specifications, and power and cooling characteristics,” he concluded.

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