Orbite Secures Funding for Expansion of Spaceflier Training Programs

Orbite Secures Funding for Expansion of Spaceflier Training Programs
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Orbite Space, a company focused on providing spaceflight training programs for prospective astronauts, is seeking additional funding as part of its expansion efforts. The company aims to offer individuals the opportunity to experience spaceflight training through a “try before you fly” approach.

Orbite’s programs are not cheap, but they are significantly less expensive than the cost of a real spaceflight. The company’s goal is to make spaceflight more affordable and accessible to everyone. These programs are a great way for people to experience the thrill of spaceflight without having to spend millions of dollars or risk their lives. They are designed to prepare people for the physical and mental challenges of spaceflight, as well as to teach them the technical skills they need to know. In the future, Orbite hopes to offer training for people who want to work on the Moon or Mars.

Orbite Space Prepares for Expansion with New Funding

According to recent disclosures filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Orbite Space is conducting an equity offering, targeting a total of $6.775 million. Of this amount, $2.725 million has already been secured, including the conversion of previously issued convertible securities. The filing indicates the participation of seven investors in the offering.

Orbite Space, founded by CEO Jason Andrews and executive chairman Nicolas Gaume, is rooted in Seattle. Andrews, formerly at the helm of Spaceflight Industries in Seattle, and Gaume, a French-born entrepreneur also associated with Microsoft, lead the company.

Training Today, Spaceflight Tomorrow: A Stellar Experience Awaits

As part of its expansion strategy, Orbite Space is shifting its focus from Seattle to Florida, where it plans to establish an Astronaut Training and Spaceflight Gateway Campus. The campus, scheduled to open in 2026, will serve as the primary location for Orbite’s private-sector astronaut training programs. In the interim, the company intends to provide clients with various space-themed travel experiences and training sessions.

Despite attempts to seek additional information about the funding round, Orbite Space has chosen not to provide further comments at this time, as reported by GeekWire, a technology news outlet.

Orbite’s Director of Astronaut Training, Brienna Rommes, emphasized the company’s commitment to designing a curriculum and facilities that support future missions. These missions include those involving professional astronauts, mission specialists, and career astronauts operating in low Earth orbit, on the moon, and potentially Mars, according to a news release from November.

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