Nvidia and US Join Forces to Guarantee Compliance of China’s New Chips

Nvidia and US Join Forces to Guarantee Compliance of China's New Chips
Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVIDIA, attended the first AI Insight Forum at the Russell Building on Capitol Hill
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Key Highlights
  • Export Compliance: Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, states that the company is closely working with the US government to ensure compliance with export rules for its AI chips destined for China.
  • Revenue Concerns: With new US export restrictions, the uncertainty looms over how much China’s contribution, traditionally around 20% of Nvidia’s revenue, will be affected.
  • Singapore Collaboration: Nvidia is in talks for substantial investments in Singapore and is collaborating on the development of an AI large language model (LLM) named Sealion, amidst Singapore’s initiatives to establish Southeast Asia’s first LLM.

Nvidia is working closely with the US government to make sure that the new chips they’re making for China follow the rules about exporting, according to CEO Jensen Huang. This company from California is a big player in designing artificial intelligence chips and has a big share in China’s $7 billion AI chip market. However, new restrictions from the US on exporting chips might give Chinese competitors a chance to do well.

Last month, Reuters said that Nvidia told its customers in China that it’s delaying the launch of a new AI chip for China until the first quarter of next year. When asked about this, Huang didn’t confirm or deny what Reuters reported.

In a news conference in Singapore, Huang said, “Nvidia has been working very closely with the US government to make products that follow its rules.”

Nvidia’s China Revenue, Singapore Investments, and AI Collaboration Highlights

Huang mentioned that traditionally, China contributes around 20% to Nvidia’s revenue. However, it’s uncertain how much this will change due to new US export restrictions.

He also mentioned that Nvidia is discussing significant investments with Singapore. They are collaborating with Singapore to assist in the development of its own AI large language model (LLM) called Sealion.

Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority recently announced a S$70 million (US$52 million) initiative to create Southeast Asia’s first LLM, similar to ChatGPT. Huang highlighted Singapore’s vibrant AI ecosystem and its role as a major data-center hub for many Asian markets.

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