Nvidia CEO aims to set up a base in Vietnam

  • Nvidia’s Commitment: CEO Jensen Huang affirms plans to establish a base in Vietnam, expressing the company’s view of Vietnam as a crucial market.
  • Semiconductor Development Hub: The proposed base aims to attract global talent, contributing to Vietnam’s semiconductor industry and digitalization efforts.
  • Investment in Vietnam: Nvidia has already invested $250 million in Vietnam, signaling a significant financial commitment to the country’s technology sector.
  • Cooperation on Semiconductors: Nvidia is set to discuss cooperation deals on semiconductors with Vietnamese tech companies and authorities, fostering collaboration in the industry.
  • Vietnam’s Industry Expansion: Amid U.S.- China trade tensions, Vietnam seeks to expand its role in the semiconductor industry beyond chip assembly to include design and potentially manufacturing.
  • AI Collaboration: Nvidia has previously collaborated with Vietnam’s tech leaders to deploy AI in cloud computing, automotive, and healthcare sectors, showcasing a broader partnership beyond semiconductor development.
Nvidia CEO aims to set up a base in Vietnam
Nvidia CEO aims to set up a base in Vietnam (Image Credit: Nvidia)

Nvidia wishes to create a hub in Vietnam to boost the country’s semiconductor industry, considering Vietnam an important market, says the Vietnamese government, quoting the CEO of the U.S. chipmaker, Jensen Huang. Nvidia’s chief executive, Jensen Huang, will discuss potential semiconductor collaboration with the Vietnamese government and companies in Hanoi on Monday, Reuters reports

During his first visit to Vietnam, Huang expressed that Nvidia sees Vietnam as its home and confirmed plans to establish a center in the country. According to the Vietnamese government statement, Huang mentioned, “The base will be for attracting talent from around the world to contribute to the development of Vietnam’s semiconductor ecosystem and digitalization.” This statement came after his meeting with Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Nvidia Explores Vietnam’s Semiconductor Potential with $250M Investment

Having already invested $250 million in Vietnam, Nvidia is scheduled to discuss semiconductor cooperation deals with Vietnamese tech companies and authorities in an upcoming meeting on Monday, as reported by Reuters on Friday.

Vietnam, home to major chip assembling factories, including Intel’s largest globally, aims to venture into chip designing and potentially chip-making amid trade tensions between the United States and China, creating opportunities for Vietnam in the industry.

The chipmaker has previously collaborated with Vietnam’s leading tech companies to implement AI in cloud computing, automotive, and healthcare industries. This information was disclosed in a document published by the White House in September when diplomatic relations with Vietnam were upgraded by Washington.

Source: Reuters

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