AI Development in North Korea Raises Concerns Over Military Applications and Sanctions Evasion

Despite international sanctions, North Korea is actively developing AI and machine learning for civilian and military applications. The country, facing challenges in securing AI hardware, collaborates with foreign scholars, notably from China. Recent endeavors range from responding to COVID-19 to optimizing nuclear reactor safety and military wargaming simulations, raising concerns about potential misuse and sanctions evasion.

North Korea's Growing AI Footprint: From Pandemic Response to Military Applications
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North Korea’s Growing AI Footprint: From Pandemic Response to Military Applications

North Korea’s pursuit of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has garnered significant attention, raising questions about its potential impact on the region and beyond. A recent report by Hyuk Kim of the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies (CNS) sheds light on this growing trend, highlighting both the advancements and potential challenges associated with North Korea’s AI development.

Despite Sanctions, North Korea Pursues AI with Strategic Intent

Despite facing international sanctions and operating under a veil of secrecy, North Korea has been actively involved in AI research since the late 1990s. The report highlights the strategic significance placed on AI development, with Kim noting, “North Korea’s recent endeavors in AI/ML development signify a strategic investment to bolster its digital economy.” This commitment is evident in the establishment of dedicated research programs at universities, the incorporation of AI features into commercial products by state-owned companies, and even the amendment of the constitution to include “informatization” as a key economic goal.

Collaborations and Concerns: China’s Role and Potential Misuse of AI

The report also sheds light on country’s collaborations with foreign scholars, particularly from China. While these partnerships provide access to expertise and technology, they raise concerns about circumventing sanctions and the potential misuse of AI for military purposes. Kim emphasizes this point, stating, “North Korea’s pursuit of a wargaming simulation program using RL [reinforcement learning] reveals intentions to better comprehend operational environments against potential adversaries.”

Furthermore, the report highlights the potential for converting civilian AI technology into military applications, particularly in cloud computing environments. This raises concerns about the effectiveness of sanctions and the need for robust international cooperation to address the potential security risks associated with country’s AI development.

AI and the Nuclear Threat: Balancing Progress with Safety

One particularly concerning aspect of country’s AI development is its potential application in the nuclear domain. The report mentions research conducted by North Korean scientists on using AI to optimize nuclear reactor safety. While this research holds promise for improved safety measures, it also raises concerns about the potential for misuse in developing or maintaining nuclear weapons.

Beyond Military Applications: AI for Pandemic Response and Civilian Development

It is important to note that North Korea’s AI endeavors are not solely focused on military applications. The report also highlights the use of AI for pandemic response, with North Korea developing a model to evaluate mask usage and prioritize COVID-19 symptom indicators. This demonstrates the potential for AI to contribute to positive developments in North Korea, even amidst concerns about its military applications.

North Korea’s foray into the world of AI presents a complex and multifaceted challenge. While advancements in AI hold promise for economic and societal development, the potential for misuse in the military domain and the circumvention of sanctions raise significant concerns. Moving forward, it is crucial for the international community to adopt a nuanced approach, fostering cooperation where possible while remaining vigilant against potential threats posed by North Korea’s AI development.

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