Next-gen transparent antenna for cars set to be launched by LG Electronics

Next-gen transparent antenna for cars set to be launched by LG Electronics
Designed in Partnership with Global Leader in Glazing Solutions, LG’s Next-gen Transparent Antenna Delivers Seamless Design and Enhanced Telecommunications (Image Credit: LG Electronics)

Collaboration and Transparent Antenna Development

LG Electronics announced on Monday its plans to reveal a cutting-edge transparent antenna aimed at enhancing automotive telecommunications during the upcoming CES 2024, scheduled for January in Las Vegas.

Developed in collaboration with renowned French glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Sekurit, the film-type antenna is adaptable for both on-glass and in-glass applications, as stated by LG. This innovation allows for seamless integration into car windshields or glass sunroofs, eliminating the need for car manufacturers to strategize antenna placement when designing vehicles.

LG emphasized that the film-type antenna’s extensive surface coverage facilitates compatibility with various glass types and vehicle designs. The company also highlighted the incorporation of the latest telematics technology, designed to handle increased network traffic while ensuring reliable communication performance. This technology offers improved connectivity with support for 5G, global navigation satellite systems, and Wi-Fi.

Eun Seok-hyun, President of LG Vehicle Component Solutions Co., remarked, “Created through our close partnership with Saint-Gobain Sekurit, the transparent antenna is a next-generation product that has proven its exceptional communications performance for automotive applications via vehicle tests. As a global leader in telematics and automotive solutions, LG is committed to advancing its technological capabilities and will continue to introduce new solutions that drive the evolution of the mobility experience.”

Thibaut Heitz, Director of Innovation and R&D at Saint-Gobain Sekurit, expressed satisfaction with the joint introduction of the smart glass, stating, “In collaboration with LG, a leader in vehicle component solutions, we are pioneering advancements in vehicle telecommunications. Our common objective is to provide an enriched and unique in-vehicle environment, bringing the future of mobility to fruition.”

Highlighting their collaboration with the French glass manufacturer, LG emphasized that the partnership enhanced product integrity by developing a method to apply the transparent antenna onto glass. The film-type antenna incorporates over 80 innovative patents from LG, including transparent antenna pattern creation and transparent electrode technology.

In a notable achievement, LG dominated the global automotive telematics market, securing a 23.8 percent share in the July-September period, according to data from Strategy Analytics, a renowned market tracker. This underlines LG’s position as a leader in the evolving landscape of automotive technology.

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Source(s): LG Press Release

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