Microsoft Office Now Launched on Meta Quest Headsets

Microsoft Office Now Available on Meta Quest Headsets
Microsoft Office Now Available on Meta Quest Headsets (Image: Meta)

Microsoft Office Apps on Meta Quest Headsets

In recent news, Microsoft and Meta made an announcement about the availability of the Xbox Cloud Gaming app on Meta Quest 2, 3, and Pro VR headsets earlier this week. Alongside this update, Microsoft has quietly introduced versions of its Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on the Meta Quest store.

As per Android Central’s report, users can easily download these productivity apps – Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – from the store. All you need is a Microsoft account and any of the four Meta Quest headsets: Oculus Quest, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, and Meta Quest 3. Simply head to the Meta Quest store, and you can get these Microsoft apps for free.

The apps are quite small, each around 1.3MB. You only need to log into your Microsoft account once to access all three apps. Microsoft kept them lightweight because they operate on the cloud, ensuring high performance on the Quest headset. This also allows users to switch between apps seamlessly by tapping the icons on the universal menu bar at the bottom of the Quest UI.

Enhanced Productivity on Meta Quest with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

If you want to run Word, Excel, and PowerPoint simultaneously on the Meta Quest, you can do so by pressing and holding each app’s icon on the universal home bar, then dragging it to one of the three window positions. For an enhanced experience, you can use a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Simply go to Settings on your Meta Quest, tap Devices, and follow the prompts to pair your Bluetooth peripherals with the headset.

Although the apps are operational, according to The Verge, they may not be fully prepared for widespread use. The current versions of the apps accessible on the Quest VR headset seem to be web-based, running in the cloud. While they do function in virtual reality, they lack optimization for VR, potentially causing frustration when trying to accomplish tasks.

The partnership between Meta and Microsoft, announced in October 2022, aimed to bring Microsoft Office, Azure, and Windows 11 to Meta Quest. Now, thirteen months later, four promised apps have been launched on Meta Quest headsets, with more productivity apps in the pipeline for Meta’s virtual reality and mixed reality headsets. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting collaboration.

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