Hyundai Unveils Hydrogen Energy Vision and Software-Driven Mobility Transformation at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Hyundai unveils plans for a hydrogen energy ecosystem, emphasizing sustainability and software-driven mobility. The company commits to carbon neutrality, expands hydrogen solutions globally, and introduces the HTWO brand. Hyundai aims for 3 million tons of hydrogen off-take by 2035 and showcases SDx strategy for a user-centered mobility ecosystem.

Hyundai Unveils Vision for Hydrogen-Powered, Software-Driven Future at CES 2024
Image: Hyundai Motor

Hyundai Unveils Vision for Hydrogen-Powered, Software-Driven Future at CES 2024

Hyundai Motor Company has presented its ambitious vision for a hydrogen-powered, software-driven future at CES 2024, showcasing its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable world. The company’s theme, “Ease every way,” emphasizes its focus on creating a user-centric mobility ecosystem that prioritizes convenience, safety, and accessibility.

Hydrogen as a Key Driver

Hyundai sees hydrogen as a crucial element in achieving its sustainability goals. The company has been a pioneer in hydrogen fuel cell technology, boasting the world’s highest market share in hydrogen-powered vehicle sales. Its HTWO brand encompasses the entire hydrogen value chain, from production and storage to transportation and utilization. Hyundai is actively involved in hydrogen projects globally, including:

  • Waste-to-Hydrogen (W2H) and Plastic-to-Hydrogen (P2H) projects: These innovative technologies transform waste into clean hydrogen, promoting resource circulation and reducing environmental impact.
  • Indonesia Hydrogen Project: Hyundai is collaborating with Indonesia to establish local hydrogen production mini-hubs, fostering regional adoption of this clean energy source.
  • U.S. Hydrogen Demonstration Projects: Hyundai is participating in projects like the NorCAL ZERO initiative and the Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs program to accelerate hydrogen infrastructure development in the U.S.

Software-Defined Mobility (SDx)

Hyundai is also undergoing a software-driven transformation with its “Software-defined Everything” (SDx) strategy. This strategy aims to transform vehicles, fleets, and transportation systems into valuable assets through advanced software and AI. Key elements of the SDx strategy include:

  • Software-defined Vehicles (SDVs): Decoupling hardware and software in vehicles enables independent updates and faster innovation, leading to user-centric features and continuous improvement.
  • Software-defined Fleets: Providing customized fleet management services, real-time data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces to businesses for efficient fleet operation.
  • Cloud Transportation: Creating a seamlessly connected mobility ecosystem where users can access transportation services on-demand, powered by software and AI.

Hyundai’s commitment to user convenience and safety is reflected in its “Service-defined, safety-designed” software development philosophy. The company is leveraging software and AI to develop responsive services and solutions that prioritize user needs while ensuring device stability, data protection, and cybersecurity.

Showcasing Innovation at CES 2024

Hyundai’s CES 2024 booth is a hub of innovation, showcasing its hydrogen value chain, SDV technologies, and future mobility concepts. Visitors can experience:

  • Interactive displays: A large immersive display showcasing the plastic-to-hydrogen process and various HTWO Grid solutions and demonstration projects.
  • Physical exhibits: A sectional model explaining the mobile fuel cell generator and a diorama illustrating the waste-to-hydrogen process.
  • SDV technology demonstrations: A demo of the new E&E architecture for SDVs and films explaining core SDV technologies.
  • Future mobility exhibits: Large-scale exhibits showcasing personal, social, and commercial mobility concepts powered by hydrogen, software, and robotics.

Hyundai’s vision for a hydrogen-powered, software-driven future is ambitious but achievable. The company’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and user-centricity positions it as a leader in shaping a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.

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