Happy Birthday, ChatGPT: Reflecting on a Year of Awesome AI Conversations

On Thursday, ChatGPT, the AI chatbot from OpenAI, celebrated its first year of talking with people. In just one year, this chatbot has kicked off a big competition in AI and helped make better AI that can generate things on its own.

Open AI celebrates 1 year of ChatGPT
It chats back. Rafael Henrique / SOPA Images/Si via Reuters Connect

Originally created to help with writing essays and generating code more efficiently, ChatGPT has grown quickly and made a big impact in different fields. To celebrate its first birthday, we asked this amazing AI, “Hey, ChatGPT, what’s your message on your special day?”

To which ChatGPT responded:

Thank you for the warm wishes! However, it’s important to clarify that I don’t have personal experiences or a birthday since I’m just a computer program created by OpenAI. My purpose is to assist and provide information to the best of my ability. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know or discuss, feel free to let me know!

Here’s what happened with ChatGPT

ChatGPT made its debut in November 2022 and quickly gained popularity for its human-like chat abilities. People loved how it could chat like a human, and one million users signed up in just five days! By January of this year, ChatGPT hit a milestone of 100 million users, achieving this in just 64 days after its debut. In October, ChatGPT got about 1.7 billion visits from all around the world.

Throughout the past year, ChatGPT has been used for various tasks, from writing emails to helping start businesses that make a good amount of money. The technology has also gotten better as people found new ways to use it.

The newest version, GPT-4, can now see, hear, and talk. Users can even have voice chats and share pictures with the chatbot. If you want these cool features, you can get them with ChatGPT Plus, a subscription that costs $20 each month. It gives you a super smart AI chatbot, GPT-4, which understands things better and can follow complex instructions.

But things got pretty exciting this November. It was a rollercoaster for ChatGPT and OpenAI. Following OpenAI’s Dev Day, the company’s board removed Sam Altman, its co-founder and CEO, from his position. This sparked a week of drama, with employees considering quitting and rivals seeking opportunities.

In the latest update from OpenAI, Altman has returned as the CEO, and Microsoft, led by Satya Nadella, now holds a non-voting observer seat on the board with a 49% ownership of OpenAI. Microsoft has been a substantial supporter, investing over $10 billion in the company.

Coinciding with ChatGPT’s anniversary, CEO Sam Altman revamped OpenAI’s board. New members, including former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, have joined, indicating a shift towards a more business-focused strategy while maintaining a balance between financial success and ethical AI development.

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