Google set to discontinue Google Play Movies & TV

  • Google TV Takes Over: Google TV replaces Google Play Movies & TV, leading to the complete phasing out of the latter by January 2024.
  • Transition Challenges on Android TV: The transition to Google TV faced challenges, as the Play Movies & TV app on Android TV stopped working in October, redirecting users to the “Shop” tab.
  • Cessation on Multiple Platforms: On January 17, 2024, Google Play Movies & TV will cease to exist on Android TV, cable boxes, and the web. Users will be redirected to alternative platforms for content access.
  • Accessing Previously Purchased Content: While the Play Movies & TV app will no longer be available on certain platforms, users can still access their purchased titles, including active rentals, on Google TV devices, Android TV devices, Google TV mobile apps, and YouTube.
Google set to discontinue Google Play Movies & TV
Google set to discontinue Google Play Movies & TV

Google is bidding farewell to its long-standing service, Google Play Movies & TV, which will be completely phased out in January. This move follows the takeover by Google TV, which has already replaced the brand in various platforms, including Android TV, select cable boxes, and the web.

The transition began in 2020 with the launch of the Google TV platform, replacing the Play Movies & TV branding in mobile apps and subsequently eliminating it from Roku and most smart TVs. The final blow came in October when Google removed the app from Android TV. Despite initial confusion, the app currently redirects to Android TV’s “Shop” tab, which has been available for several months.

Changes for Accessing Play Movies & TV in 2024

According to a recently published support document, Google is providing details on how users can access shows and movies purchased through Google Play Movies & TV after the complete phase-out in January 2024.

For users with Android TV-powered TVs or streaming devices, access to purchased or rented content will shift to the “Shop” tab starting January 17th. Meanwhile, those with cable boxes or set-top boxes using Android TV will need to use the YouTube app for content access from the same date. Browser users will also need to turn to YouTube for their content needs. Additionally, web access through will be replaced by

It’s worth noting that YouTube, while not offering an ideal experience for purchased movies and TV, is expected to evolve over time with added emphasis and enhancements on YouTube movies.

This move by Google is part of a broader trend in the tech industry, where companies are consolidating their entertainment apps and platforms. Apple, for instance, recently revamped its TV app to encompass Apple TV Plus and offer a unified platform for buying and renting shows and movies.

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