Google to Impose Restrictions on Election Queries for Bard and AI Searches

Google to Impose Restrictions on Election Queries for Bard and AI Searches
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Google to Implement Restrictions on Election-Related Queries Ahead of 2024 US Presidential Election

Google announced on Tuesday that it will implement restrictions on the types of election-related queries that its chatbot Bard and search generative experience can respond to in the lead-up to the 2024 U.S. Presidential election. The company plans to enforce these restrictions by early 2024.

In addition to the U.S., several significant elections are anticipated in 2024, including national elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, and South Africa, among others. Google stated that it will intensify its focus on understanding the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in serving voters and campaigns associated with these elections.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, revealed in November that it is prohibiting political campaigns and advertisers in regulated industries from utilizing its new generative AI advertising products. Advertisers on Meta’s platforms will also be required to disclose the use of artificial intelligence or other digital methods in altering or creating political, social, or election-related advertisements on Facebook and Instagram.

In contrast, Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, which is currently under investigation by the European Union, announced in August that it will permit political advertising in the U.S. from candidates and political parties. X also plans to expand its safety and elections team in preparation for the upcoming U.S. election. Notably, political ads had been globally banned on X since 2019.

Governments worldwide are actively working towards regulating AI due to the potential threats it poses, such as the dissemination of misinformation. New regulations from the European Union will require Big Tech firms to clearly label political advertising on their platforms, specifying who paid for it, the amount spent, and which elections are being targeted. These regulations aim to enhance transparency and accountability in political advertising across digital platforms.

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