GE Vernova to Supply Turbines for Largest Wind Project in the Western Hemisphere

GE Vernova, set to be spun off by General Electric, secures its largest onshore wind turbine order from Pattern Energy. The SunZia Wind Project, with 674 turbines, is a key endeavor for a cleaner energy grid in the U.S., though some concerns arise over a transmission line segment passing through Arizona’s San Pedro Valley.

GE Vernova Secures Deal for SunZia Wind Project

GE Vernova Secures Deal for SunZia Wind Project

Albuquerque, N.M. – In a groundbreaking move, GE Vernova, soon to be spun off by General Electric, has clinched a monumental deal to manufacture hundreds of turbines for the SunZia Wind Project. This venture marks the largest onshore wind turbine order in GE Vernova’s history.

Largest Wind Project in the Western Hemisphere

Construction is already underway on the SunZia wind farm, touted as the largest wind project in the Western Hemisphere. The project includes a multibillion-dollar transmission line to deliver power to western U.S. markets. The order comprises 674 turbines set to generate a substantial amount of electricity once the project goes live in 2026.

Backers view the SunZia project as a crucial step towards meeting state and federal energy mandates. Seen as an energy infrastructure undertaking surpassing the scale of the Hoover Dam, it aims to significantly increase the share of renewable energy in the nation’s electricity mix.

Concerns from Native American Tribes and Environmentalists

Despite its grand scale, the project faces criticism from some Native American tribes and environmentalists. Their concern centers around a 50-mile segment of the transmission line passing through Arizona’s San Pedro Valley. While federal approval has been granted, tribal leaders express disappointment in the lack of sufficient consultation.

Financial Landscape of Clean Energy

Recent data from the U.S. Energy Department reveals substantial private sector investments, exceeding $180 billion, in clean energy manufacturing projects over the past three years. GE, among the beneficiaries, capitalizes on federal tax credits to drive its clean energy initiatives.

The SunZia Wind Project spans three counties in rural New Mexico, where crews are actively constructing the necessary infrastructure. Developers anticipate the first turbines to be operational by autumn. Pattern Energy, the global renewable-energy giant partnering with GE Vernova, has already secured long-term power purchase agreements with Shell Energy North America and the University of California.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

GE Vernova’s Pensacola factory in Florida, along with tower manufacturing operations in New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas, will contribute to fulfilling the massive turbine order. With 15 suppliers on board, the company aims to ensure the seamless production of each turbine component.

Hunter Armistead, CEO of Pattern Energy, emphasized the project’s role as a cornerstone for a cleaner and more reliable grid across the western U.S. He lauded the use of American-made turbine components and the creation of thousands of jobs in the clean energy sector.

Vic Abate, president and CEO of GE’s wind business, described the SunZia project as a historic venture, showcasing GE Vernova’s commitment to onshore wind and its capacity to deliver large-scale, reliable solutions.

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