Samsung Galaxy S24 latest updates: Rumors, expected release date, and features

Samsung Galaxy S24 Latest Updates
Rendered image of Samsung Galaxy S24 based on leaks and rumors (Image source: Yahoo)

Every year, Samsung releases its flagship Android phones, and in 2023, it was the Galaxy S23 series. Looking ahead to next year, anticipation is building for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. Although it’s still months away, rumors about these upcoming phones are already circulating.

In this article, we are bringing you the Galaxy S24 latest updates, including speculations on the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24 Plus, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Additionally, we’ve compiled a wishlist, featuring features we hope to see, even though there’s no concrete evidence yet.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is generating considerable buzz, with expectations that it might be the top Android phone of 2024. The launch is anticipated early in the year, meaning there’s not much time to wait. As leaks and rumors intensify, we’re gaining insights into the possible specifications and features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Unofficial renders of the phone have also surfaced.

Read on for details, including potential pricing information. We’ll keep updating this article as more details emerge about this highly anticipated contender for the best phone of the year.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Latest Updates

Anticipated Release Date

The Galaxy S24 series is projected to debut in January 2024, with a potential launch date of January 17.

Potential Features

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is rumored to feature a flat screen and enhanced camera capabilities, distinguishing it from the other two models, which are expected to share similar specifications.

Expected Price of Galaxy S24

While it’s too early to provide an exact cost estimate, Samsung has consistently maintained a stable pricing strategy in the US for the past three years.

Will Samsung Release the Galaxy S24?

There’s a strong probability that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S24 series, given its consistent yearly release of Samsung Galaxy S phones for the past 13 years. While the tech industry is known for surprises, there’s currently no indication that Samsung plans to deviate from its established naming strategy. Unlike the unexpected jump from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 in 2020, there is no evidence suggesting a change in naming for the upcoming release. Therefore, it is reasonable to anticipate the launch of the Galaxy S24 in 2024.

What might the Galaxy S24 series have in store for users?

Although it’s early in the release cycle for the Galaxy S23 series, there are already some interesting rumors and educated guesses about the upcoming Galaxy S24 series from Samsung. We’ve even discussed the features we hope to see in the Galaxy S24 in a previous article.

Faster Charging

The Galaxy S23 models have relatively slow charging, even for the 45W-compatible ones. Samsung could improve this by taking inspiration from other brands like OnePlus and increasing the charging speed, maybe to 60W.

AI-Powered Features

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic in smartphones, and Samsung is reportedly integrating AI into the Galaxy S24 series. Reports suggest that the Galaxy S24 series might integrate AI, named Samsung Gauss, which is expected to offer features such as document summarization, translation in third-party apps, and assistance with email composition. There are also rumors of a subscription fee for these AI features, but it’s uncertain how accurate this information is.

More RAM/Storage

The default storage and RAM on the Galaxy S23 are limited for a flagship phone. Even if the default remains the same for affordability, allowing users to opt for more RAM or storage would benefit those who prefer a smaller size but need extra capacity for apps, photos, videos, or enhanced multitasking.

Optional One UI

While less likely, some users may appreciate the option to turn off One UI-based tweaks for a more “pure” or “stock” Android experience, making Samsung’s flagship phones more appealing to enthusiasts.

Price Stability

For users in the UK, Australia, and other regions where the Galaxy S23 series was more expensive than previous Samsung flagships, a price freeze for the Galaxy S24 would be welcomed by users in these regions. Keeping costs steady could make top-tier technology more accessible and prevent users from exploring more affordable alternatives like OnePlus, Nothing Phones, or Google Pixels.

S Pen Upgrades

Aside from reducing latency, Samsung hasn’t made significant updates to the S Pen stylus. Adding new features, like more Air Actions or cross-device compatibility, would enhance the stylus and make it more competitive against rivals.

It’s essential to approach these possibilities with caution as they are based on early information and speculation circulating the interenet about the Galaxy S24 latest updates.

Anticipated Release Date and Pricing for the Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 series is expected to make its debut at a Galaxy Unpacked event in January or February of 2024. Ice Universe initially hinted at a potential release date of January 18 for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series. This information was backed by reports suggesting that Samsung’s manufacturing partners intended to kick off mass production a month earlier than usual.

Recent rumors from twitter use Tech_Reve suggest a potential shift in the release date, possibly bringing it forward by “around a month” to compete with the iPhone 15. Although some sources hint at a mid-January launch, others speculate a late January event, ensuring the phone’s arrival after CES concludes.

The latest rumor points to a specific date, January 17, for the launch event in San Jose, Calif., with the phones hitting retail shelves by the end of January. This is backed by a report from SBS Biz that has anticipated the launch to happen on January 17. This speculation seems to be accurate, with The Elec confirming a January 17 launch for the Galaxy S24 lineup. According to a November 20 report, pre-orders are set to commence on January 17, and the phones are expected to reach users between January 26 and January 30. The general sales for the Galaxy S24 series are reportedly scheduled to begin on January 30.

While a Thai regulatory listing for the Galaxy S24 Ultra indicates progress in production, pricing details remain elusive. However, it is reasonable to expect Samsung to maintain the current price points of $799, $999, and $1,199 for the U.S. market. For the U.K. and Australian markets, hopes are high that the pricing will be consistent, as the Galaxy S23 was slightly more expensive than its predecessor, priced at £849/£1,049/£1,249 and AU$1,349/AU$1,649/AU$1,949, respectively. Regardless of the release specifics, the focus of the event is likely to center on the new Galaxy S24 phones, potentially alongside other Samsung gadgets.

Traditionally, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy S phones at major tech events like the Mobile World Congress. However, the company has shifted away from this approach, opting to host its own events exclusively for Galaxy S launches. Anticipate a similar strategy in 2024, with an elaborate Samsung-specific launch event likely to take place in a prominent global city, drawing a large audience.

Galaxy S24 latest updates on Design

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render by Smartprix
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra render by Smartprix

Rumors are going around about the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, and it seems like it might look pretty similar to the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. Pictures of phone cases and unofficial images have been leaked, showing a design that’s almost the same, but with some small changes. The borders around the screen might be a bit thinner, described as “some of the narrowest bezels on any smartphone.”

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 360° Video (Source: Smarprix)

According to the leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be a bit smaller and lighter than the Galaxy S23 Ultra. The new model might have titanium sides instead of aluminium, giving it a more premium feel, similar to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

X (formerly twitter) user, Sonny Dickson shared pictures of model versions of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, and the phone looks quite boxy and sharp.

Samsung is likely to continue with its three Galaxy S models: a standard version, a slightly larger Galaxy S24 Plus, and a larger Galaxy S24 Ultra. There’s a possibility that the Galaxy S24 Plus might be a bit bigger, which could impact other features, as a larger screen usually means a larger phone.

David Martin, an unknown user on X, posted images claiming to be a real Galaxy S24 Ultra model. The pictures mostly match OnLeaks’ designs, suggesting a flat screen and some sharp edges. However, we should be cautious about this leak because the source is an unknown social media user.

David Martin, an unknown user on X, posted images claiming to be a real Galaxy S24 Ultra model
David Martin, an unknown user on X, posted images claiming to be a real Galaxy S24 Ultra model
David Martin, an unknown user on X, posted images claiming to be a real Galaxy S24 Ultra model

Leaker Tech_Reve claimed that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will have the same design as their S23 counterparts, Samsung tends to make small changes each year. There might be a change in the frame material. While the Galaxy S23 used an aluminum frame, the Galaxy S24 might switch to a titanium frame, according to tipster Revegnus. This change could be in response to the iPhone 15 Pro models using titanium frames.

A report from The Elec suggests that the titanium frame might be exclusive to the Ultra model. Depending on how well it’s received, though, the titanium frame could potentially be used in other models in the future.

There’s also information about the colors of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Leaks suggest it will come in black, gray, violet, and yellow, with the possibility of additional colors like orange, light blue, and light green, which might be exclusive to Samsung’s online store. These details are based on leaks, so they may not be confirmed until Samsung officially announces the phone.

Rumored Display on Galaxy S24

Concept design of display on Galaxy S24 (Image Credit: Technizo Concept/Super Roder)
Concept design of display on Galaxy S24 (Image Credit: Technizo Concept/Super Roder)

The screens on the new phones are expected to have AMOLED panels and a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz on all models. The regular and Plus models may have a minimum refresh rate of 48Hz, while the Ultra model could have a more efficient 1Hz minimum. There’s a possibility that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ might have LTPO displays, allowing them to use adaptive refresh rates like the Ultra. Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra could have a very bright display, possibly reaching up to 2,800 nits, while the Galaxy S24 Plus could have a respectable 2,500 nits.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 Plus might see an improvement with a QHD resolution, unlike the Galaxy S23 Plus, which had an FHD resolution. This change could make the gap between the Galaxy S24 Plus and the basic Galaxy S24 bigger, but the difference between the S24 Plus and the Galaxy S24 Ultra might be smaller.

Expected Specifications of Galaxy S24 Ultra

Because we’re still at the beginning of getting information about the Galaxy S24 series, it’s a good idea to question most of the leaks you come across. However, here’s what we’ve heard about the specifications for these phones.

Display6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED LTPO panel, 120Hz refresh rate
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Made for Galaxy
GPUAdreno 740
RAM and StorageUp to 16GB RAM, 2TB Storage
SoftwareOneUI 6 based on Android 14
Rear Cameras200 MP primary, 12MP ultra-wide-angle lens,
50MP periscope lens with 5x optical zoom,
10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom
Front Camera12MP sensor
Battery5000mAh, 45W wired charging, support for wireless charging
BuildTitanium Frame, IP68 water and dust resistance
SecurityIn-display fingerprint scanner
Galaxy S24 Ultra expected specification by Smartprix

Other significant rumors

The new phones coming in 2024 might not look very different from the ones in 2023, but they could have better screens. The screens are called 13th-generation high-performance OLED panels, and they’re thinner and use less power than the ones on the iPhone 15. Some information from Ice Universe in August suggests that the top-tier S24 Ultra phone will have a brighter screen than before (2,500 nits compared to the previous 1,750 nits).

There’s also a rumor from SamMobile saying that all phones in the S24 series will have these new OLED screens and be very bright at 2,500 nits. They might even have a special feature called LTPO for a variable refresh rate. The S24 Plus could also have a better screen resolution.

In terms of other features, it seems like Samsung won’t change too much. The S24 phones will likely have the same or better specs than the S23 phones. One thing that might be better is the amount of memory (RAM) and storage. Some leaks say that all models might start with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. There’s even a rumor of a 16GB version for the top-tier Ultra model.

But, there’s a different rumor saying that the Ultra model could have a huge amount of storage, up to 2TB. However, the base model might only have 128GB, which is less than the S23 Ultra.

There are also rumors about the phone batteries. The regular S24 might get a bigger battery of 4,000mAh, the S24 Plus could have the biggest battery ever for a Plus model at 4,900mAh, and the S24 Ultra might have the same battery as before at 5,000mAh.

There’s even a rumor that the Ultra (and maybe the Plus) could have a special stacked battery and faster charging at 65W, but another source says it’s 45W. The base model will keep the same charging speed as before, which is 25W.

These are all the Samsung Galaxy S24 latest updates we have for now. We will keep you all posted on our site as we hear more about Galaxy S24 series.

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