Improved Design and Functionality: Discord Mobile App Receives Exciting Updates

The newest version of Discord’s mobile app has a fresh look and is faster on both iOS and Android. Let’s check out the updates.

Discord Mobile App Receives an Exciting Update (Image Credit: Gearrice)

Discord, a popular platform for voice, video, and chat with over 150 million monthly users, is always working on making the app better. The latest update brings a new design, improves the search bar, and speeds up loading time. It enhances navigation, media sharing, and adds new tabs for messages and notifications.

The loading time has been reduced, with Discord now opening 55% faster on Android and 43% faster on iOS, according to the developers.

This redesign started rolling out to users on December 5. Discord, known for gaming communities, has made significant improvements to certain functions and completely redesigned others. Users had often mentioned that the mobile app was cluttered and hard to navigate. The update addresses these concerns, providing a better experience.

Francesco Polizzi, Group Product Manager at Discord, mentioned, “When we launched the Discord mobile app in 2015, it was mainly for PC gamers. Now, with more people using Discord on the go, we’re excited to offer a faster, more reliable app designed specifically for mobile.”

Discord Mobile App Receives Exciting Updates

Redesigned Navigation

The main focus of this app update is to make it easier for users to navigate within the Discord mobile app. The organization of chats has been revamped, separating Servers and Messages into different tabs. Despite this change, the familiar vertical server navigation remains unchanged.

User-Friendly Navigation Bar

The navigation tabs at the bottom of the screen have been updated. Now, the bottom bar allows users to easily switch between Servers, Messages, Notifications, and the You section.

Enhanced Messaging Features

In the latest update, Direct Messages (DMs) and Group Direct Messages (GDMs) are grouped under the ‘Messages’ tab. Users can now mark conversations as favorites, pinning them to the top of the tab. For group messages, a long press on a message opens a quick reply option, and users can swipe a message to reply to any message in the chat window.

Improved Group Direct Messages (GDMs)

The update enhances the GDM experience by providing a faster and easier way to create a Group Direct Message. Additionally, users can quickly reply to any message by swiping it.

Supercharged Search Function

The Discord app update introduces an improved search function, allowing users to search through all their messages, pins, files, and attachments directly from the Search bar. Mobile users no longer need to search for a specific pinned message in each DM individually; one search bar covers everything.

Revamped Notifications for Seamless Interaction

Dive into the upgraded Notifications tab, designed to offer an even more seamless experience in staying connected. This revamped feature not only keeps you informed about @mentions but also delivers timely updates on server events, friend requests, and message replies. With a simple click on each notification, you’re transported directly to the relevant chat window. This not only marks the notification as read but also ensures automatic clearance, streamlining your interaction within the platform.

You Tab: A Hub of Personalization

Embark on a personalized journey with the redesigned You tab. Your profile icon now represents a hub where you can effortlessly make changes to your profile, update your status, upload a new profile picture, manage your friends list, and fine-tune account settings—all within an intuitive interface. By double-clicking the You tab, access to settings is expedited, while a dedicated search bar empowers you to pinpoint specific features with unparalleled ease.

Elevating the Visual Experience

Beyond these core updates, the Discord mobile app introduces a visual revamp with a heightened focus on user experience:

  • Night Mode Evolution:
    Responding to user feedback, Discord introduces the Midnight theme—an aesthetic upgrade with a pure black background. Beyond its visual appeal, this theme is crafted to optimize battery performance, particularly for smartphones equipped with OLED screens.
  • Media Sharing Redefined:
    Explore an evolved media-sharing experience. Mobile users now enjoy the freedom to select and upload multiple high-quality pictures and videos, each with a capacity of up to 25 MB. The presentation is thoughtfully organized in a grid format, with multiple images within a message adopting a gallery-style view—a visual treat for seamless content consumption.
  • Optimized Voice and Video Calls Interface:
    Communication takes center stage with a redesigned voice and video call interface. Experience enhanced clarity and convenience as you connect with your community.
  • Efficiency in Every Tap: Faster Loading Times:
    Discord’s commitment to efficiency extends to faster loading times. The app now opens 55% faster on Android and 43% faster on iOS. Data usage is optimized, ensuring that navigating between channels and chats utilizes four times less data during the initial load. Further, recent messages in up to 700 text channels and DMs are intelligently cached, delivering quicker load times as you navigate through your diverse communities.

In embracing these multifaceted improvements, Discord not only elevates the functionality and efficiency of its platform but also introduces a visually enriched experience, ensuring that users can connect, communicate, and customize their interactions with unparalleled ease.

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