AI Boost in the Pipeline for Chrome, Bringing Personalized Themes

  • Custom Chrome Themes: Google is developing “Create Theme with AI” for Chrome, allowing users to generate personalized desktop themes.
  • Diverse Theme Options: The AI tool offers 12 categories, from space to famous cities, letting users choose art styles like oil painting or 3D animation.
  • Fine-Tuning Possibilities: Users can set the mood (e.g., romantic undertone), select a color palette, and generate unique themes, though the demo currently has some issues.
  • Exclusive to Chrome Canary: The feature is in the experimental version, Chrome Canary, aimed at developers, with potential instability and warnings about data loss or security risks.
  • Help Me Write AI Tool: Another tool in development, “Help Me Write,” provides contextual writing suggestions for posts and reviews in Chrome, Gmail, and Google Docs.
  • Uncertain Release Dates: Both features are in development, with “Create Theme with AI” in Chrome Canary, and “Help Me Write” potentially arriving in Chrome 122, but release dates are uncertain.
AI Boost in the Pipeline for Chrome, Bringing Personalized Themes
AI Boost in the Pipeline for Chrome, Bringing Personalized Themes (Image: Google)

Google is in the process of developing innovative features for its Chrome browser, incorporating advanced generative AI capabilities. One such feature, known as “Create Theme with AI,” aims to enhance user customization by enabling the generation of personalized desktop themes.

This upcoming feature shares similarities with the previously introduced Customize Chrome tool, but it promises a broader range of options for users. According to demo videos shared by Leopeva64, a respected industry insider, on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Create Theme with AI prompts users to choose a subject from 12 diverse categories.

These categories include space objects like the sun, prominent U.S. cities, and renowned global landmarks such as the Great Wall of China. Following the subject selection, users can opt for a specific art style, such as oil painting or 3D animation.

To further refine their creations, users can select a mood, as demonstrated in the video where a romantic undertone was chosen for the solar system theme. Additionally, a color palette is available for users who wish to emphasize specific hues in their themes.

However, it’s crucial to note that Create Theme with AI is currently exclusive to Chrome Canary, an experimental version of the browser designed primarily for developers exploring Google’s cutting-edge technologies. While the intended functionality is impressive, the feature fails to produce results in the current demo.

Cautionary Notes on Chrome Canary & Exciting AI Developments in Chrome’s Future

It’s worth highlighting that Chrome Canary is an experimental and potentially unstable version of the browser. Users can download it without restrictions, but Google warns about potential crashes and the risk of data loss or compromised security due to the experimental nature of the features. Users should exercise caution when installing Canary.

Even if users gain access to Create Theme with AI in Canary, there’s no guarantee that the feature will be included in future browser releases. Canary tests serve as insights into Google’s developmental direction, but their incorporation into stable releases is not assured.

In addition to Create Theme with AI, another generative AI tool, “Help Me Write,” is in the works for Chrome. This tool, with similarities seen in Gmail for mobile and Google Docs, provides contextual writing suggestions for posts or online reviews. Users simply need to input a brief prompt to initiate the AI’s assistance.

The release date for Help Me Write is currently unknown, as it is still in the development phase. Speculation suggests it could be introduced in Chrome 122, expected in February 2024. However, as with Create Theme with AI, uncertainties persist, and release timelines may change. Users are advised to stay tuned for updates on these intriguing developments in Chrome’s evolving feature set.

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