Data Security: China publishes draft guidelines to tackle data breach incidents; Adopts Ten-Minutes response Policy

China Establishes Ten-Minute Data Security Response Standard
China Establishes Ten-Minute Data Breach Response Standard (Image: Seeking Alpha)

China’s Preliminary Plan for Data Security

China has put forward a preliminary plan to tackle big problems with data security. This plan is meant to help deal with situations where a lot of sensitive information is leaked or hacked. The Chinese government is worried about these issues happening in the country, especially with tensions between China and the United States.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in China made this plan public on Friday. They want to know what people think about it before finalizing it. The plan suggests a four-level system that uses different colors to show how serious a data breach is. The levels depend on how much harm is done to national security, a company’s online system, or the country’s economy.

Four-Level System for Assessing Data Breach Severity

According to the plan, if a data breach causes more than 1 billion yuan (which is about $141 million) in losses and affects personal information of over 100 million people, it will be marked as “especially grave.” In this case, a red warning has to be given.

The plan also says that when a red or orange warning is issued, the companies involved and the local authorities must work around the clock to fix the problem. They have to inform MIIT within ten minutes of finding out about the data breach. MIIT emphasizes that if the problem is serious, it must be reported to the local industry regulatory department immediately. There’s no room for late reporting, lying, hiding, or leaving out information.

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