Advancing Technology: Centenary Group to Build Uganda’s First Green Data Center

  • First Tier 3 Green Data Center in Uganda: Centenary Group invests millions in building Uganda’s inaugural Tier 3 green data center outside the capital, pioneering eco-friendly digital infrastructure.
  • Sustainable Development Commitment: Centenary’s green data center, aligned with the company’s 40th anniversary, reflects a commitment to sustainability, utilizing renewable energy and eco-friendly technologies to set a regional standard.
  • Inclusive Digital Transformation: The center is envisioned as a beacon of hope, connecting last-mile communities. It aims to bridge the digital divide, providing equitable access to digital resources, empowering underserved areas.
  • Cybersecurity Fortification: Amid rising cyber threats in Uganda, the state-of-the-art data center plays a vital role in enhancing national cybersecurity, protecting businesses and consumers from cyber threats and fraud.
  • ICT for National Development: Aligned with Uganda’s Digital Transformation Roadmap, the data center is a strategic move to integrate digital technology across sectors, contributing to national development and inclusive growth.
  • Declaration of Ambition: The groundbreaking ceremony signifies more than just construction; it symbolizes Uganda’s ambition to blend economic growth with environmental sustainability and social inclusivity through technology.
Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba ground breaks the construction of Centenary Tier 3 green data center.
Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba ground breaks the construction of Centenary Tier 3 green data center. (Image Source: PC Tech Mag)

A special event marked the beginning of a new project in Uganda – the construction of the country’s first environmentally friendly data center outside the capital. Centenary Group is investing a lot of money in this important project. The goal is not only to improve Uganda’s digital infrastructure but also to focus on technology solutions that are good for the environment.

Centenary’s Green Data Center: A Milestone for Environmental Commitment

This project is a big deal for Centenary because it aligns with their 40th anniversary in Uganda. The green data center shows how committed the company is to making progress in a way that is good for the environment. The center is designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. It will use renewable energy sources and technologies that save energy, making it a new standard for eco-friendly digital infrastructure in the area.

During the groundbreaking event, Bishop Severus Jjumba, who is part of the Centenary Group, spoke about the project. He said, “As we start building this new green data center, we’re not just creating a place for advanced technology. We’re also laying the foundation for a future where everyone can benefit, no matter where they are or how much money they have.”

According to Bishop Jjumba, the center will be like a guiding light, especially for communities that are far away. It will give them a way to connect to the digital world, helping and uplifting them. This project shows Centenary’s promise to make sure that everyone, regardless of where they live or how much money they have, can enjoy the benefits of new technology.

Bishop of Masaka Diocese and Board Director Centenary Group, Bishop Severus Jjumba (center) poses for a group with representatives from Centenary Technology Services led by Peter Kahiigi (2nd from right) after groundbreaking the construction of their Tier 3 green data center. (Image Source: PC Tech Mag)

Peter Kahiigi, who is in charge of technology at Centenary Technology Services, said, “This facility is not just about using technology’s power; it’s also about doing it in a responsible and sustainable way. As we build this advanced center, we’re also focused on reducing our impact on the environment. We’ll use renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies. Our belief is that the future of technology should be environmentally friendly.”

Mr. Kahiigi added, “By improving digital infrastructure in an eco-friendly way, we’re setting a new standard for sustainable development in the tech industry. We want our digital growth to work well with our natural world.”

With the ongoing challenge of cybercrime in Uganda, this high-tech data center will play a crucial role in making the nation more secure against cyber threats. Its goal is to create a strong digital environment that protects businesses and people from increasing cyber threats and fraud.

The project also focuses on the power of ICT to bring about equality. The data center is expected to have a big impact on communities that are far away, giving them access to digital resources and services. The aim is to bridge the digital divide, making sure that even the most underserved and remote areas of Uganda benefit from technology.

The Centenary data center fits with Uganda’s plan to transform digitally, showing the country’s commitment to using digital technology in all areas. It’s a crucial part of Uganda’s strategy to use digital technology for national development and growth that includes everyone.

The groundbreaking ceremony marks more than the beginning of a construction project. It’s a statement of Uganda’s desire to move towards a future where technology not only helps the economy grow but also supports environmental sustainability and social inclusivity.

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