Australian Government Teams Up with Spire Global to Fast-Track Neumann Space Tech

Australian Government Teams Up with Spire Global to Fast-Track Neumann Space Tech
Australian Government Teams Up with Spire Global to Fast-Track Neumann Space Tech

Neumann Space has recently disclosed that it has secured funding from the Australian Government, enabling the company to embark on an ambitious on-orbit demonstration mission with Spire Global, an exciting development for the Australian space industry.

As a pivotal founding partner in the Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN) project, Neumann Space is actively contributing to the initiative led by Gilmour Space Technologies. This collaborative effort is made possible through funding received under the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) Collaboration stream.

The financial support provided by the Australian Government will be instrumental in facilitating Neumann Space’s collaboration with Spire on a mission designed to swiftly adapt, integrate, launch, and assess the performance of the next-generation Neumann Drive®. This cutting-edge propulsion system is known for its unique technology, utilizing solid metallic propellant to enhance the mobility of satellites and spacecraft in space. The Neumann Drive® not only improves safety and efficiency but also boasts the capability to be transported and stored fully fueled and integrated.

To formalize their partnership and collaboration on this exciting venture, Neumann Space and Spire Global have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This MoU outlines their joint intention to advance the development of on-space propulsion for satellites, with a particular focus on integrating the Neumann Drive® onto one of Spire’s proven smallsat platforms for an on-orbit demonstration mission.

Neumann Space and Spire Global Collaboration

In a recent statement, Neumann Space’s CEO, Herve Astier, expressed enthusiasm about the opportunity presented by the ASMN project. Astier emphasized the significance of mobility in the success of the emerging space economy and highlighted the mission’s potential to further the development of sovereign space technology. Moreover, he emphasized the tailored approach to meet Spire’s specific needs, contributing to the acquisition of greater knowledge and insights about Earth.

Jonathon Brain, the APAC Regional Business Development Director for Space Services at Spire, shared in the excitement, affirming Spire’s commitment to supporting and contributing to Australia’s dynamic space ecosystem. Brain emphasized the importance of partnering with innovative organizations like Neumann Space and leveraging their Space as a Service model to efficiently launch space missions that drive technological advancements.

This collaboration is part of Neumann Space’s broader strategy, as evidenced by the recent successful launch of the company’s second propulsion system into space. Looking ahead, Neumann Space plans to invest in a dedicated program of on-orbit missions over the next 18 months, aiming to bring its advanced propulsion technology to the commercial market.

In summary, the collaborative efforts between Neumann Space and Spire Global, fueled by Australian Government funding, mark a significant milestone in advancing space propulsion technology and contributing to the flourishing Australian space industry. As these innovative technologies continue to evolve, they are poised to play a crucial role in shaping the future of space exploration and satellite mobility.

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