All Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event rewards, Milestones, and more

Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event
Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event. (Pic Credit: Monopoly Go Facebook Page)

The Monopoly GO’s “Cranberry Carnival” has concluded, and now the “Blessed Feast” event is underway, offering more opportunities to win enticing prizes. In this guide, I’ll provide insights into the rewards, milestones, gameplay, and strategies for success in the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event running from November 21 to November 24, 2023.

This event holds significant importance during the Thanksgiving holiday schedule, especially for those aiming to secure a head start in collecting oven mitt tokens for the Thanksgiving Partner event. Successful participation can also lead to acquiring a turkey board token and earning various rewards such as free dice rolls, sticker packs, and cash—similar to the Cranberry Festival and other major events.

To maximize your points during this refreshed version of Blessed Feast, focus on landing on the four corner tiles, each yielding 4 points. The event is set to conclude on November 24, 2023, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET. Below is a comprehensive list of milestones and reward tiers available in the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast main event.

Complete List of All Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event rewards, Milestones

The Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event is concluding on November 24, 2023, offering various milestones for participants. It’s imperative for players to swiftly take action in order to successfully finish the event and acquire the enticing rewards, including the exclusive token. The table presented below is a compilation based on personal experience and information shared by @itsjakem on X (formerly Twitter), a reliable source for insights into the game.

Event MilestonePoints RequiredRewards
1570 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
21015 Free Dice Rolls
4101-Star Green Sticker Pack
55580 Free Dice Rolls
61580 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
72010-Minute Rent Frenzy Bonus
8201-Star Green Sticker Pack
925120 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
10150200 Free Dice Rolls
1235150 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
13351-Star Green Sticker Pack
1440180 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
15300375 Free Dice Rolls (+ 3-Star Pink Sticker Pack)
174555 Free Dice Rolls
18502-Star Orange Sticker Pack
1955210 Free Dice Rolls
20600The New Turkey Player Token (+200 Free Dice Rolls)
215560 Free Dice Rolls
22603-Star Pink Sticker Pack
2365230 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
251,0001100 Free Dice Rolls
26705-Minute Cash Boost Bonus
271002-Star Gold Orange Sticker Pack
28110250 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
301,3001350 Free Dice Rolls (+ 3-Star Gold Pink Sticker Pack)
31175270 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
32250175 Free Dice Rolls
333004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
34280300 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
351,6001600 Free Dice Rolls
376004-Star Blue Sticker Pack
38700350 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
403,0002800 Free Dice Rolls (+ 5-Star Purple Sticker Pack)
41850500 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
429005-Star Purple Sticker Pack
43950700 Free Dice Rolls
443,200Cash (+ 650 Free Dice Rolls)
451,0001500 Free Dice Rolls
471,4004-Star Gold Blue Sticker Pack
481,500650 Thanksgiving Partners Oven Mitt Tokens
496,0004-Star Gold Blue Sticker Pack + 7000 Free Dice Rolls
Complete List of Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event rewards, Milestones

How to Win Monopoly Go Blessed Feast Event?

The rewards mentioned in brackets come with a limited-time bonus. If you manage to reach the final milestone, you will receive a total of 17,860 dice and 3,360 oven mitt tokens. This should be sufficient for a significant portion of the Thanksgiving partners event. However, going all out is not necessary to complete it.

To succeed in the Monopoly Go Blessed Feast event, you need to land on the corner tiles of your board, namely the GO tile, two Jail tiles, and the Free Parking tile. Landing on these tiles earns you four points. Utilizing the roll multipliers allows you to gain more points from each roll. Understanding the roles of these roll multipliers and how to use them is crucial for optimal results.

While using roll multipliers aids in completing milestones, it does reduce the number of dice rolls available to you.

Simultaneously occurring with the “Blessed Feast” event in Monopoly GO is the “Thanksgiving Partners” event, allowing you to team up with others to earn additional prizes by spinning a wheel with the aforementioned Oven Mitt tokens. There will be one or two more main events with additional oven mitt tokens available, so you can choose to distribute your dice between them. I strongly suggest participating to the best of your ability, as the prizes are valuable for succeeding in the main event. Find a reliable partner or keep an eye out for other tournaments or events.

Regardless, with tournaments and the Thanksgiving Partners event, numerous spaces on the board contribute points. This is an opportune moment to increase your dice multiplier, advancing through the reward list swiftly and earning more tokens on the board.

I particularly appreciate the four corner events in Monopoly GO. My recommendation is to reserve your multiplier for when you are 6-8 squares away from your target. Pay special attention to Go to Jail, as gaining more dice from landing on it is a significant advantage in Monopoly GO events like “Blessed Feast.”

That concludes our list of rewards, prizes, and milestones for the “Blessed Feast” event in Monopoly GO, along with ins

tructions on how to play and win. If you’re in the US, happy Thanksgiving! If not, happy end of November, and I hope you had a pleasant time avoiding uncomfortable situations and enjoying the weekend.

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